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When Should I Change My AC Air Filter?

Have you wondered when or how often you should change your AC air filter? If so, here are a few tips: Most people understand that a clean air filter is essential to keeping their AC system running at peak efficiency, but are not sure how … Read More...

dirty sock syndrome | green cooling solutions

What is Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Does your A/C smell musty when it first turns on? If so, it's probably something known as "Dirty Sock Syndrome". "Dirty Sock Syndrome" is caused by a bacteria that collects and grows on the indoor coils of heat pumps and air conditioners during the … Read More...


Heat Pump for the Holidays

Do you know a family in need who needs assistance with air conditioning? We are pleased to announce our Third Annual Heat Pump for the Holidays Giveaway! We will be providing a brand new Heat Pump / Air Conditioning System, labor, materials, … Read More...