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The Freon phase-out and alternative refrigerants

Green Cooling Solutions have had a lot of clients inquire about the Freon (R 22) phase-out and what they should be preparing for. Below we will talk about the phase-out, alternative refrigerants and other things pertaining to this topic.    Why the phase-out? Refrigerants make air conditioning and refrigeration possible, which contribute enormously to our quality …


AC Repair – My unit always needs freon

We often receive an AC repair Sarasota call with the homeowner stating that they want to put Freon in their system, below is information about how that happens, why it happens and what you can do to remedy the issue with the help of Green Cooling Solutions. Effects of low Freon Many systems in the …


Do you need an Ultra-Violet light?

This is one of the more common questions we receive here at our Sarasota AC repair company, Green Cooling Solutions. Our most common response is a simple no. But it is important to understand what a UV-C light will do and will not do, along with the maintenance costs associated with UV lights. UV Light …


My AC Froze Up – Now What?

Here in Sarasota, one of the more common Sarasota AC repair calls we get is, “My AC froze up!” It may seem counter intuitive, something freezing when it is hot outside, but it is all too familiar to us at Green Cooling Solutions. So how does this happen and what do you do to fix the …


“Heat Pump for the Holidays” Winner!

Congratulations to Kim Brooker, the winner of our Heat Pump for the Holidays giveaway!   Each year Green Cooling Solutions is proud to give away a complete HVAC System to a local Sarasota / Bradenton family who needs a little help. We surprised Kim with her winnings on Christmas morning and had her new heat …