We often receive an AC repair Sarasota call with the homeowner stating that their “is no air coming out of the vents or that the motor in the inside unit is not running”.  Below is information about how that happens, why it happens and what you can do to remedy the issue before calling Green Cooling Solutions.

Things you should check

Before calling for service you may want to double check your thermostat settings, making sure the thermostat is turned down or up (depending on the season) enough to make the equipment run. You can also try to place the “fan” setting in the “on” position and see if that makes the motor start. Beyond that you will want to make sure that if you have one, your de-humidistat is set to the “on” positions, not on a numerical setting such as 10-20 or 50%. If you are not sure if you have a de-humidistat, call us at 941-378-2080 and we would be glad to help you over the phone. Lastly, you should inspect your breaker panel and look for a breaker marked “A/H” (for air handler) or “Heat”. Locate that breaker and make sure it is not tripped. If it is tripped, you can reset it one time. If it trips again, call us to help you.

Bad Fan Relay, Capacitor or Thermostat

Although unlikely, it is possible that a fan relay, capacitor or thermostat has failed. You could attempt to replace the thermostat but you would only be guessing and that particular remedy has less than a 5% chance of successfully resolving your problem. At this point I would recommend calling Green Cooling Solutions and having us visit your home. Mention this blog post and we will waive the service call fee to come out.

Defective Motor

Finally, a defective motor or motor-module could be the culprit. Though this is outside the scope of a DIY repair, you should make sure that the repair company measures your duct systems “static pressure” and that is below the maximum rated static pressure for your indoor unit. For more information about “static pressure” and its effects on your system and equipment see our other blog post regarding that topic!.

Call us at 941-378-2080 for more information or if you have any questions!