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Aeroseal is a duct sealing process developed & patented by the US Dept. Of Energy & Environmental Protection Agency to combat wasted energypoor air distribution & indoor air quality (IAQ) problems caused by air duct leakage.  These problem are typically blind to most homeowners who have come to accept excess dust, uneven cooling or heating of rooms, & IAQ symptoms associated with “sick home syndrome” as normal, not connecting these problems as the result of leaky ducts.

Aeroseal works by sealing the ducts from the inside using a non-toxic aerosol process that seals only the gaps & cracks reducing leakage, in many cases, over 95%. Green Cooling Solutions is a licensed dealer of Aeroseal. Before jumping into the Aeroseal process we recommend a duct leakage test for your home to determine if you need an Aeroseal. Call us at 941-378-2080 to schedule your leakage test and get started on the road to a healthier, more comfortable home today!

Want more information? Watch our short video below, then head over to aerosealsarasota.com to find out more!