Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our AC Maintenance Plan – The Green Comfort Club

priority treatment • exclusive discounts • longer equipment life

Manufacturers require annual air conditioning maintenance to ensure warranty coverage. Green Cooling Solutions recommends maintenance to keep your utility bills low and equipment trouble free.

When you join our Green Comfort Club we will only send a highly trained, EPA and NATE Certified technician to perform your maintenance! In addition to competency, trustworthiness is key to your consumer experience.

We do not employ salesmen or maintenance technicians like our competitors. Many other companies see performing maintenance as an opportunity to sell accessories and equipment to unsuspecting people.

Green Cooling Solutions will never send someone to your home or business who works on commission, so you can be sure that any recommendation made by us is based upon your need… not on our greed!

  • 10% discount on all repairs
  • Same day guaranteed response time
  • 2 scheduled maintenance visits per year
  • Reduced service call fees
  • No overtime fees

Our 20-step Maintenance Program:

1. Check voltages
2. Check air temperature across coils
3. Check freon
4. Check superheat
5. Lubricate any moving parts
6. Check evaporator condition
7. Clean condenser coil
8. Replace filter
9. Check and adjust thermostat
10. Check all wiring and connections

  • 20% discount on all repairs
  • 2-6 hours guaranteed response time
  • 2 scheduled maintenance visits per year
  • No service call fees 365 days
  • Drain line guaranteed 365 days a year

11. Check condensor temperature rise
12. Check starting contactor
13. Check all capacitors microfared (MFD)
14. Measure all motor amperages
15. Check operation of unit safety controls
16. Check fan blade for cracks
17. Check condensate drain or pump
18. Check fuse disconnect
19. Wax top of unit
20. Check condition of ductwork

Our AC Maintenance Plan will keep you and your family comfortable all year long!

Green Cooling Solutions offers AC repair, installation, and maintenance in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, FL.

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