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Why Properly Maintaining Your AC System Is So Important

Maintaining your AC system is an important aspect of having one of these systems in your home. Many people have a system installed in their home or business, but fail to actually keep it properly maintained, believing that it will just take care of itself. Your Sarasota AC system is like any other piece of big, expensive …


Are my ducts leaking?

Duct work that is attached to your central AC system is paramount to delivering both energy efficiency and clean air to your home. When your duct work is leaking, you are not only wasting energy but are also encouraging contaminates to enter your home. These contaminates can include dust, pollen, fiberglass (attic insulation) and a …


How to Identify a Quality HVAC Company

When your air conditioning unit breaks down, you don’t have much time to poll your friends, interview potential contractors and have some quiet reflection before making a decision. You need to get your air conditioning running NOW. It is over 90-degees out. Living even a single day without air conditioning in Sarasota can seem like …


The Freon phase-out and alternative refrigerants

Green Cooling Solutions have had a lot of clients inquire about the Freon (R 22) phase-out and what they should be preparing for. Below we will talk about the phase-out, alternative refrigerants and other things pertaining to this topic.    Why the phase-out? Refrigerants make air conditioning and refrigeration possible, which contribute enormously to our quality …