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Do you have Good Indoor Air Quality?

Homes and AC units in Sarasota are prone to collect irritants such as pet dander, dust mites, mold, and chemical pollutants evaporated from cleaning supplies. Indeed, bad indoor air quality (IAQ) can cause skin irritation, dry skin, and repertory issues. Every homeowner should make efforts to improve their IAQ. Below are a few helpful tips …


“Heat Pump for the Holidays” Winner!

Congratulations to Kim Brooker, the winner of our Heat Pump for the Holidays giveaway!   Each year Green Cooling Solutions is proud to give away a complete HVAC System to a local Sarasota / Bradenton family who needs a little help. We surprised Kim with her winnings on Christmas morning and had her new heat …


What Kind of Air Filter Should I Use?

During our last blog we covered how of often you should change your filter. Now let’s talk about what kind of air filter you should be using! First, before we begin, let’s clarify that the following suggestions are for the average person. People with significant respiratory issues, allergies or other chronic medical conditions should consult …

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