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Energy Audits and Efficiency

Ensure your home with certified energy audits to save you money on your utility bills.

Energy AuditsOur services promoting energy efficiency include: Duct Sealing, Attic Insulation, Spray Foam Insulation, Load Calculations, Energy Audits, Duct Design, High Efficiency Equipment and Our Green Comfort Club.

Our Energy Audits will provide a thorough evaluation of how well your home is heating, cooling, insulating and venting. We will address comfort issues, high electrical consumption and general safety issues!

How does it work?
Our home performance testing is a thorough evaluation of your homes performance as a whole system. We measure how well the windows, doors, attic insulation, HVAC system and ventilation are working together. Our testing will provide scientific data that will allow us to pinpoint the areas most in need and provide you with the best return of investment possible by tackling those areas first.

Step1: Our Energy Audit starts with an interview with you, the homeowner. We want to find out what symptoms you’ve noticed and what you have done in an attempt to correct those symptoms. We will then evaluate your Florida Power and Light bills. The information gathered will provide clues to areas that need improvement in your Sarasota, Charlotte, or Manatee County home.

Step 2: Green Cooling Solutions will then conduct a thorough walk-through, both indoors and out. We use an infrared camera to get a visual idea of temperature differences throughout the home. We then asses both the wall and attic insulation level. After verifying proper attic venting, we inspect the AC system for basic operating efficiency.

Step 3: We will then conduct an airflow analysis. This is often one of the more revealing portions of the test. We measure the ductwork for restrictions, known as static pressure. We then use a flow hood to measure the actual output of airflow into your home, vent by vent and room by room. Followed by measuring the amount of airflow that is entering the duct system. We use these measurements to analyze the percentage of duct leakage, air quality and a variety of other issues.

Step 4: We then depressurize your home using a blower door. This particular test exaggerates air leakage from the attic and outside of the home. This allows us to pinpoint infiltration and air leaks. The air leaks that were once difficult to find now become obvious!

There are many features in your Sarasota home that can be evaluated to save you money with a certified energy audit and blower door test. Once the testing is complete, Green Cooling Solutions will provide you with a report that contains a scientific, objective view of the situation; complete with pictures, analysis and recommendations. We will even help you prioritize the repairs in order! We then guide you regarding which fixes are suitable for your particular do-it-yourself (DIY) skill level, and which will require expert help – from us.

Once the improvement work is completed, Green Cooling Solutions will conduct an additional energy audit that follows all the same steps as the first. We refer to this as a Test Out. If a company is conducting a home performance test and not conducting a Test Out they are just guessing if the corrections worked! The Test Out process ensures that the corrections work, and measures the difference between the home before the work was completed and after.
For a very small cost you can save big on your utility bills when you allow our certified Sarasota technicians to conduct an energy audit in your home.

The investment in an Energy Audit from Green Cooling Solutions is only $299.00