Green Cooling Solutions have had a lot of clients inquire about the Freon (R 22) phase-out and what they should be preparing for. Below we will talk about the phase-out, alternative refrigerants and other things pertaining to this topic.   

Why the phase-out?

Refrigerants make air conditioning and refrigeration possible, which contribute enormously to our quality of life. In this equipment, refrigerants are the working fluid used to absorb and transfer heat from the inside of your home to the outside of your home.

But in recent decades, it was found that, when released into the atmosphere, refrigerants containing chlorine — could damage the Earth’s protective ozone layer. In addition, the released Freon also enhances the greenhouse effect, leading to accelerated global warming.

In 1987, an international environmental agreement known as the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer established requirements that began the worldwide phase-out of CFC and HCFC compounds. In response to this agreement, the United States amended the Clean Air Act, adding provisions to establish a schedule to phase-out the use of CFC (Freon) and HCFC compounds.

The “New” Freon 410A

Since refrigerants can greatly influence energy efficiency, the industry carefully investigated many replacements for the common R-22 refrigerant used in residential air conditioners to identify the most efficient alternative.

The replacements were evaluated on long-term viability and safety. The winner of this testing derby was R-410 A. This is now the accepted refrigerant for residential air conditioners moving forward.

Old Freon (R-22) is expensive!

Yes, it is! The wholesale cost of R-22 Freon has risen by over 1000% in the last 10 years! It is no longer a viable option to simply “fill up” a leaking R-22 air conditioner.

Alternative Refrigerants (BEWARE)

There are several companies vying to be the R-22 or Freon alternative when repairs are needed. There is just one problem. These alternative refrigerants do not have the same capacity as the old R-22 did, nor can they match the capacity of the approved 410a freon for new systems.

When these “alternative” freons are used, they can cause a home to cool poorly in the Summer. They can increase running time, which increases your utility bill.

At Green Cooling Solutions we believe that duct to these issues, consumers should only use genuine R-22 for repairs or replace their systems with a new 410a system.

If you have any questions about the refrigerant phase-out please call out office at 941-378-2080