With tax season upon us, we’re all trying to find new ways to get more tax breaks throughout the year. Great news! There’s a brand new tax break when replacing your heat pump! Up to $2,000 could be credited to you for your tax refund in 2023. The Inflation Reduction Act has incentives for HVAC upgrades. If you’ve been on the fence about installing a heat pump to increase the efficiency and comfort of your home, the time is now. According to the Energy Information Administration, a whopping 51% of your home’s energy use is from just heating and cooling it! So, there’s no shortage of need to make this process more efficient and cost effective.

Here’s what you need to know to be eligible:

  • Your new heat pump must have the ENERGY STAR certification.

  • It must be either a ducted heat pump that meets CEE’s tier 1 requirements for your state and region OR a ductless heat pump that meets Cee’s tier 2 requirements for your state or region.

81% of homes that replaced their old HVAC systems with the eligible ENERGY STAR systems report that their home is much more comfortable. Call Green Cooling Solutions, speak to one of our professionals to schedule your upgrade and get yourself that tax credit!