When your air conditioning unit breaks down, you don’t have much time to poll your friends, interview potential contractors and have some quiet reflection before making a decision. You need to get your air conditioning running NOW. It is over 90-degees out. Living even a single day without air conditioning in Sarasota can seem like an eternity! So, the question is, how do you identify a quality HVAC technician? Let us be your guide.

Clear Communication and Transparency

A quality HVAC company will not have anything to hide. They will want to communicate with you as clearly as possible. There should be transparency. Offers like “Free Service Call with Repair” are not transparent. That company is simply building the fee to come out into your repair price! Transparency and communication should begin from the moment of first contact to the moment the job is complete. You want to know exactly what is wrong with your unit and exactly what you are paying for. Depending on the issue, the technicians should be able to communicate what the issue is, cost involved with repairing it and how to prevent it from happening again moving forward.

Professional Appearance

Here at Green Cooling Solutions, we place great importance on the friendly and professional appearance of our HVAC technicians. We think that attitude, professionalism and transparency matter. These small details are what separate true professionals from everyone else. Frankly, we would not have it any other way.
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