Here in Sarasota, one of the more common Sarasota AC repair calls we get is, “My AC froze up!” It may seem counter intuitive, something freezing when it is hot outside, but it is all too familiar to us at Green Cooling Solutions. So how does this happen and what do you do to fix the problem? Here are some probable causes.

Restricted Airflow

One common problem causing AC units to freeze up, even in the heat of summer, is restricted airflow. Having limited air circulation will cause the coil temperature to drop to below 32 degrees. The coil depends on having enough warm air from inside your home passing over it to keep the coil above freezing. Restricted airflow can be caused by various factors. A dirty indoor coil or dirty air filter are the most likely culprits, followed by undersized or collapsed duct work or a failed blower motor.

Refrigerant Problem

Another cause of a frozen AC system is low levels of refrigerant. This leads to the evaporator coil temperature hitting freezing temperatures, producing humidity and, you guessed it, ice. This is usually evidence of a leak in the system. Refrigerant is never consumed; it is recycled through the system indefinitely. So if the system is low on refrigerant a technician should attempt to find the leak.

Avoid restricted airflow by changing your air filters regularly. In addition, have Green Cooling Solutions set up regular checkups for your AC system utilizing our Comfort Club maintenance program.

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