One of the more common Sarasota AC repair calls we get is, “My thermostat is blank”.  Below is information about how that happens, why it happens and what you can do to remedy the issue before calling Green Cooling Solutions.

Dead Batteries

One common problem causing the thermostat display to go blank is if the batteries located in the thermostat fail. Not all thermostats have batteries, some are hardwired, but it’s worth pulling the thermostat off the wall and inspecting the backside to see if your thermostat has batteries. They’re usually two AA batteries. Try replacing them and see if the display returns.

Drain issue

Another cause of the thermostat going blank is if your air conditioner has a clogged drain line. In this scenario the water cannot leave the indoor unit and backs up into what is called a “float switch”. When water accumulates in the float switch, the little float rises to the top and interrupts power going to the display of the thermostat, resulting in a blank display. You can call Green Cooling Solutions at 941-.378-2080 and we would be happy to try to walk you through this issue over the phone.

Blown fuse or thermostat defect

Finally, a blown fuse located in the indoor unit may result in the display going blank as well. Replacing this fuse should be left to a professional due to its location and the proximity to high voltage electrical current. The reason the fuse failed should also be ascertained.

The last and most unlikely reason for a blank display is the actual display failing. However, this is highly unlikely and should be your last course of action. We often get calls from homeowners who had a blank display on their digital thermostat and went to a hardware store, purchased a new one and installed it, only to still have a blank display. Please call us for help when you have this issue and we would be glad to help you resolve it.

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