Have you wondered when or how often you should change your AC air filter?

If so, here are a few tips:

Most people understand that a clean air filter is essential to keeping their AC system running at peak efficiency, but are not sure how often it should be changed. Filter manufactures love to promote changing air filters every 30 days. They also have vested interest in this approach due to the fact that the more often you replace your filter the more filters they get to sell!

Contributing factors that impact how dirty your filter gets:

An air filter gets dirty at a particular rate depending upon the environment and lifestyle of the home it is being used in. Some homes can go 6 months or more without changing the air filter while others may have to be changed twice a month. Factors that impact this include:

  • The location of the intake grills. Intakes that are located near the floor are much more likely to pick up dirt and debris and therefore cause the filter to get dirty quicker. An intake grill mounted in your ceiling will make the filter stay cleaner, for longer, simply due to its location.

So what is the answer – When should you change your air filter?

The short answer is that you should change your filter when it is dirty!

We know, that sounds too simple. But there are just too many mitigating factors to make any other recommendation. We do suggest a visual inspection every 30 days and to change it when it becomes discolored or has debris on the surface of the filter.

If you have questions about your filter, feel free to call our office at 941-378-2080 and we would be glad to help!

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