Why Green?

Why Green?

So what makes Green Cooling Solutions a better kind of AC Company?

Green Cooling Solutions is Sarasota’s first hybrid Air Conditioning and Home Performance Contractor. We combine all of the same services as a typical A/C company, but also have the experience, knowledge and testing instruments to improve the efficiency of your home. Any local AC Company can come to your home and install new, higher efficiency equipment. That is easy, but what if you’re new AC system is attached to leaky duct work? Or your home lacks proper insulation values? Did anyone measure your ductwork to see if it is too small? What if a simple blower door test revealed that your home is drafty and allows too much conditioned air to escape through windows and building penetrations? Not every home has these issues, but homeowners are ecstatic when we figure out what problems do exist, and ultimately deliver better air quality and system efficiency. Many times our testing reveals only minimal issues, other times we pinpoint an issue that a homeowner has been trying to solve for years! If Green Cooling Solutions can provide these services for the same price as the other guys just installing the equipment, why wouldn’t you choose Green Cooling Solutions?

In addition, consider this; the A/C system in your home uses around 50% of your utility bill. Your A/C Company and their personnel are the ones that are most familiar with your home, its duct work, insulation and general infrastructure. Don’t you agree they should be certified and trained in this area? Unfortunately, many A/C companies today are spending less and less time on technical training and more and more time on sales training. Some estimates put the ratio at 6/1 for sales training hours to technical training hours. The majority of technicians being dispatched to your home are being paid a significant commission. This leads to faulty and misleading diagnostics, inept technical abilities and the public’s mistrust of service people.

At Green Cooling Solutions, we are not only technically astute, but we still believe in traditional business values. We believe that technicians should be paid well, but they should be paid by the hour. The technician that comes to your home should not be paid by the job, by the repair, by accessories they sell, but by the hour. We believe that our customers deserve an honest assessment of what is ailing their home. We believe that our technicians deserve the ability to do the right thing without it impacting their paycheck. We believe that these fundamental values will be the reason for our continued success!

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